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Security Supervisor

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Security Supervisor

A security supervisor manages guards who secure private property against theft and mischief. Security officers also guarantee the safety of people on their employer’s establishment. Security personnel work in office buildings, retail stores and other public buildings in Delhi NCR. They also work in public transportation venues, like airports and bus terminals. Depending on the strength of his staff, the security supervisor might do patrol duty, or his job may be primarily administrative.

In order to provide efficient service to the clients, we train our security supervisors as per industry/government standards and equip them with soft

skills to keep them abreast of the latest advancements in the global and domestic security field. In addition, we give them self defense and other physical fitness training.

Assistant / Security Supervisor

Security and safety of our clients is our biggest concern and we keep trying to maintain both for our clients. The Supervisor/s are crucial functioning factors in the security structuring of a unit. They are also termed as Assignment Officers/Managers depending on the unit/site requirements. Their interaction skills and understanding of the assignment create conducive conditions for ensuring the safe and secure environment for the client's property and people.

A security supervisor checks his security personals by patrolling with them by jeep or on foot. The security supervisor is also accountable for monitoring the electronic surveillance machines used on the establishment. Each day the Security supervisor allocates areas for his security guards to patrol and presents a list of possible problems his security guards should be on the guard for. If someone is captured trespassing or committing another breach, the security supervisor manages the transfer of the blamed person to the custody of local law police. The security supervisor works with his staff to work out safety plans for the buildings he oversees. He leads routine safety drills for employees and patrons in the establishment.