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Security Guard Services

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KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. has been one of the innovators in the Indian Private Security Guard Service Industry in India. Set up in 2006, the security company has been a experienced and knowledge leader since its start. For more than a decade of its establishment, KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. has take pains to provide the best security solutions to its clients through modernization, guarantee to quality, security training and strict conformity to international standards.

Cheap Security Guards Company Delhi

Setup as Security and Housekeeping services firm almost 15 years ago, today the security company has grown into a "Complete Security and Housekeeping Solutions Provider in Delhi NCR" offering manned guarding, electronic security systems and Housekeeping Services to over 100 corporate and government offices across Delhi NCR India. KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. is an private limited company registered office at Delhi. We have workforce of over thousands men, women & supervisors, KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. provides premium quality security services with high standard and absolute completeness.

KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. Rely on regular enhancement of the quality of our human and technical resources to keep the ever-changing customer needs. In pursuance to this, KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. is one of the best and top agencies in the security services business to enforce high-tech security solutions to manage the day-to-day operations of the agency.

Security Guards Services in Delhi & NCR, India

KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. has more than 15 years experience and specialization in manned guarding services across Delhi NCR. We provide manned guarding services for clients from multinational companies, hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, educational institutions, industrial establishments, ATMs and many other etc. with the help of experienced team of security professionals.

KING SECURITAS PVT. LTD. has bloomed in the security service industry by using its incomparable expertise inherited from well experienced senior staff to bring you a service you know and trust at great value for money spending on the security services. We provide commercial security to public sector safeguarding a whole range of security services across India all delivered by our professional security guards who have been fully trained. Our manned guarding service includes the following:

  • Security Guards (Ex-Servicemen/Civilian)
  • Gunmen
  • Personal Security Officer (PSO's)

Security Guards, who are also known as security officers, patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity.

Security Guards who work in public buildings like museums or art galleries take care of paintings and valuable exhibits by searching visitors and packages entering and leaving the building. In factories, laboratories, government buildings, data processing centers, and military bases, security officers protect information, products, computer codes, and defense secrets and check the documents of people and vehicles entering and leaving the public premises.

Security Guards working in various departments of universities, public parks, and government sports stadiums perform crowd controls, supervise parking and seating in stadiums, and direct traffic. Our well trained security guards placed at the entrance places of entertainment like nightclubs, prevent entry by minors, also collect cover charges at the entrance door, maintain peace and order among customers, and protect property and employees.

Our all manned guards are having industry best physique standard:
  • Height : 5'.7' and above
  • Eye Sight : 6X6
  • Physique : Robust physique
  • Education : Matriculate able to read and write in English and Hindi
  • Age Limit : 21 to 40 Years
  • Experience 2 to 3 years

King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. has been providing Security Services since 2006 in Delhi NCR. With the many years experience, we have nearly completed the method of recruiting, training and managing security segment of relatively not so skilled work force at reasonable cost.

Security Guards Training

We at King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. train our newly recruited security guards. Training rooms are outfitted with state of the art security and training material like metal detectors, fire extinguishers, and LCD projectors. Our security guard training is delivered in power point format with help of LCD projector. All security guards who goes under this training will have to pass a certification exam at the end of the training.

Continuous Knowledge Updating of Security Personnel

Continuous knowledge updating of security guard is done by orientation given to each and every security guard. We have our own vehicles extensively used for day and night checks and patrolling for surprise checking. Regular monthly feedback is taken from every client for each security guard and based on this feedback every security guard is given an incentive each month. There are dedicated night checking teams in addition to field officers and managers who organize checks every night. Monthly security audits are done for all areas / routes by a team reporting directly to director.