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Untidy and unpleasant rooms generate unhappy guests, who won't return. There is no room (sorry for the pun) for cutting corners. We know how important repeat business is, so our cleaners do the right cleaning in the right way, for the right price and right on time.

Hotel Cleaning Service in Delhi NCR

Outsourcing of the hotel housekeeping cleaning services makes economic sense to operate and run hotels in Delhi NCR. Hotel owners only pay for the rooms cleaned by our cleaning experts.

They have no need to employ housekeeping staff and it helps in saving. Outsourcing of hotel housekeeping services helps in an overall reduction overheads and we at King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. provides the management resources to run your housekeeping and cleaning department, you can concentrate on looking after your guests. We audit our own housekeeping team on a daily basis to guarantees we achieve the tight cleaning quality standards and our success has been built on serving value for money services and exceeding your expectations of cleanliness in your hotel rooms and premises.

Housekeeping is one of the most important factors for running a successful hotel in Delhi NCR. Hotels in present days run on various levels. Some of the Hotels provide comfortable stay to their guests, they may also organize events, joy parties, conferences, and events of different kind. Cleanliness is instantly needed in a hotel no matter what of the above mentioned functions are performing. Best Quality Housekeeping Services provides high-end Hotel housekeeping service to keep up best levels of cleanliness and maintenance of various housekeeping elements of the hotels in Delhi NCR.

Trustworthy & Professional Hotel Cleaning Services provider Delhi/NCR

As a guest enters into a hotel, the first impression of the hotel matters a lot. The clean floors, shining chandeliers, sparkling lobby, reception, washrooms etc, leaves best impression much before the guests goes to the room. When the guests know that all these areas are clean and stainless and well maintained, they can always trust the hotel with their rooms. Our team of professional cleaning professionals and housekeepers makes sure that all the common areas of the hotel are kept clean and there is no room for any sort of litter or disorder. Whether it is the dirt on the railings, drops of water around the wash basin, stained upholstery etc, everything is looked after by our hotel cleaning professionals and housekeeper service.

For a hospitality industry like hotels housekeeping services is all the more important because it directly impact the thinking of guests. If someone booked room needs clean environment, no matter what the price, it must be clean. After the guest log off or leaves the room, our housekeeping team quickly makes the room clean and make it back to its normal fine position. Our team of expert cleaning professionals are efficient with bed cleaning, making toilet neat and cleaning, placing all the facilities on its places, check appliances fixed in the room, without any misuse of the guest’s luggage and items.

The hotel housekeeping benefits provided by us:
  • Keeping the hotel premises clean
  • Maintain the cleanliness of all interiors of the hotel
  • Keep the hotel infection free and sanitized
  • Look after housekeeping needs of the guests
  • Provide cleanliness through modern equipment
  • Help create the ambiance the hotel is known for

Restaurant and hotel cleaning services in delhi

For a hotel to grow, it is important to keep high standards, exclusively with regard to cleanliness. No one likes a messy and chaotic hotel with dirty rooms and common areas. While the hotel staff is well- dressed and welcomes the guests, a clean ambience adds to the whole vibe and makes a hospitable environment. Now a days online hotel bookings through various portals, all the hotels display their room and common area images online—people look on these images and videos and book hotel rooms. Now, if a guest doesn’t get for what he has signed up, it left a bad impression of the hotel and works negatively for their hotel business. Now a day guests can easily leave negative reviews on google or other online pages and in hotel register to warn others in the future. Best Quality Housekeeping Services make it guaranteed that your guests always get what they see in pictures. Through our hotel housekeeping services we help you in maintaining high levels of housekeeping by sparkling spaces for best experience for your guests in Delhi NCR.

Professional Hotel Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy environment in any restaurant or hospitality establishment. Here are some potential job roles and responsibilities related to restaurant/hospitality cleaning:

  • Housekeeping Staff: In a hotel or resort, housekeeping staff is responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, public spaces, and facilities. They typically work in shifts and are responsible for tasks such as changing bed linens, dusting and vacuuming, replenishing supplies, and cleaning bathrooms.
  • Dishwasher: A dishwasher is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment in a restaurant kitchen. They may also be responsible for cleaning the kitchen floors, walls, and countertops.
  • Janitorial Staff: In a restaurant, janitorial staff are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the dining area, kitchen, and restrooms. They may also be responsible for cleaning the floors, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Laundry Staff: In a hotel or resort, laundry staff are responsible for washing and folding bed linens, towels, and other guest items. They may also be responsible for sorting and organizing laundry, as well as maintaining laundry equipment.
  • Maintenance Staff: Maintenance staff are responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment and facilities in a restaurant or hotel. They may also be responsible for performing routine maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs, unclogging drains, and fixing leaks.
  • Supervisors/Managers: Supervisors and managers oversee cleaning and maintenance staff, ensuring that they are performing their duties to the highest standards. They are responsible for training staff, creating cleaning schedules, and ensuring that all areas are cleaned and maintained to the required standards.

In addition to the above roles, some cleaning staff may also be responsible for handling hazardous materials, such as chemicals used in cleaning or sanitizing. It is important that all staff are trained in proper handling procedures and safety protocols.