Security for Gated Communities

Professional Security Services for residentail complex

Security Guard Services for Gated Housing Societies in Delhi NCR

When the Housing Societies are gated, our security guard teams handle each and every security procedure at all the entry and exit gates. We do not simply open the gate and left people in the neighborhood. Our security guard officers check all the cars of people who are living in the society. Our security guard staff also get to know everyone in the society to have a personal relationship with people who live in the Housing Society. This social and personal connection helps us to provide better security services and make everyone feel safer.

Security Services in Housing Society in Delhi NCR

When visitors come to the entry gate of housing society, we check a visitor’s log that the homeowners living in the society. If visitor is not on the list supplied by the persons living in the society, we make sure to contact the resident of the apartment to whom the visitor is going to see before they are let into the housing society. Our Security Guard services are extremely professional and cordial, we at King Securitas New Delhi take every precaution to make sure that the neighborhood is safe from all types of criminal activities. This means that we do not let in anyone who is not supposed to be there.