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When talking about the benefits of a clean office environment, we generally forget its effect on psychologically on the employees, but we only consider physical hygiene. While a clean office space is important for a good physical and mental health, it also results in a harmonious state of mind and therefore, more energy in all aspects of life.

Most people devote more than 65% of their time in their offices and we cannot undermine the importance of a clean office enough. According to research conducted on office cleanliness levels, offices are bacteria den! A clean office atmosphere guarantees employees to stay healthy and boost productivity. One can avoid those sick leaves by calling on our office cleaning services in Delhi NCR. Our comprehensive cleaning techniques will help in reducing bacteria, improve air-quality and generate an overall healthier atmosphere. A clean office environment is a key to healthier, happier and relaxed human work force; things that increases capability. An office space must reflect working condition professionalism. Clean atmosphere is the face of the company and represents the attitude of your employees. A client or a potential future employee walking into an unorganized, unclean office can have negative impact on the business. Your neat and clean office atmosphere speaks confidence and control over the business. Give priority to the overall physical and mental health of workforce through our office cleaning services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Our cleaning experts are supported by our advanced and modern cleaning tools that help them to get the desired results. We use intense cleaning techniques, we have set new standards in the profession of cleaning services.

When it comes to how your Office environment looks, you have high expectations. After all, your office reflects the yours image. That’s why you should leave house cleaning to King Securitas Pvt. Ltd., the expert office cleaning service provider in Delhi NCR, 96% of our clients would applaud to friends and family. Your business place is your goal post where you appreciate, dream and prosper. To get the best out of you and your workers a clean and hygienic atmosphere is very important. Some of the germs lives in office corners, sofas and laptop keyboards. Thus is it significant that proper office cleaning should be done to maintain the hygienic conditions in your business place. By professional office cleaning, you can guarantee clean surrounding to promote high productivity.

Benefits of Office cleaning regularly

To strike the financial deals, you need a clean and hygienic atmosphere where harmony finds. If one has dust and mite in his office it can be a huge spoiler of business. Removal of dirt, bacteria and mites are very important for health of the workers in your office. Clean work spaces are promotes employees to work in and put better efforts to achieve goals. Steer clear of infections caused by cockroaches, rodents, birds etc. which tend to make homes in unused office areas.

  • Cabins, Meeting Rooms, Reception and Workstations
  • False ceilings, Light fixtures, High windows & ventilators, Ceiling fans and ACs (exterior only)
  • Switchboards, Wall Hangings, Mirrors Windows, Window Grills and Wire Meshes
  • Accessible window exteriors
  • Curtains and Window Blinds vacuuming
  • Carpets, Entrance Mats & Rugs vacuuming
  • Workstations – Pin Boards, White Boards, Partitions, Table Tops, Under the Table, Legs
  • Doors & Door Handles
  • Electronic Equipment Desktops, CPU, UPS, TVs, Projectors, Telephone & Remotes
  • Side Boards and Storage Closets (Exteriors only)
  • Wardrobes, Side Boards and Utility Closets (Exteriors only)
  • Side Tables, Centre Tables, Meeting Room Tables, Display Shelves