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PSO Services

Pso - Personal Security Officer in Delhi Ncr and Noida

King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the top companies in the field of Indian Private Security guards service Industry. It was established in 2003, the company has been a leader since its establishment in Delhi. Through the 15 years of its establishment, King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. has been providing the best security solutions to its clients through innovation, commitment to quality security service, training and strict compliance to international standards prevalent in the field of Security Guard services. King Securitas Pvt. Ltd.

was established as security Guard firm almost 15 years ago; today the company has grown into a Complete Security Solutions Provider offering manned guarding (MG), electronic security systems (ESS) to over 100 corporate customers across Delhi NCR. The company has also recently started cleaning services. We are continuously upgrading the quality of our security surveillance resources and infrastructure to support the ever-changing client requirements.

Security Guard Services Agencies Company in Delhi NCR

We at King Securitas Pvt. Ltd., only hire PSOs after all requires verifications. Our professional PSOs / Bodyguards officers hired do not have any criminal case or police case in India or abroad. King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. do not hire any personal security men with any background of any incorrect behavior in the past. "Bodyguard" is very famous term in the "Hollywood & Bollywood" but they are actually PSO’s or Personal Security Officers who are very active, physically fit, extremely perceptive, well educated and trained to check the potential threats.

King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. has achieved a world-class goodwill in supplying professional PSO’s or Personal Security Officers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR. Our PSO’s are posted in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR offers trusted executive celebrity and VIP protection. You can hire professional PSO for just a few hours, days or long term basis, very quick PSO appointment services are provided because we know how important your personal security is.

PSO service a comprehensive protection

King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. assured you to offer much more than celebrity bodyguard or PSO services in Delhi NCR India. We strongly rely that the top quality professional security service is based on advance preparation & planning, vigilance, on time action & ready to keep our client safe with all potential unfavorable situations. That’s why our clients use “Friendly but Not Familiar” phrase to characterize our hard working PSOs. We take care of the style and particular requirements of the persons whom we are going to protect in Delhi NCR.

Protection of Diplomats & Politicians

Our highly professional and expert PSO or personal security officer in Delhi, has been posted for the security of politicians and diplomats. They have acquired all the mandatory skills needed to provide the best imaginable protection against both international and national threats.

Protection for Celebrities- Film Stars & Known Persons

We also provide personal security cover to film stars, writers, directors, athletic or renowned person in Delhi NCR. VIP protection for all reasons is provided to make you feel safe in home and while on the event or travel. Our PSOs are well prepared to situations related to media and crowds.

PSO for Family Protection

If anybody feels security threats have arisen for your family, hire us for top class personal security services to protect your loved ones from potential threat in Delhi NCR. Our PSO or bodyguards are well trained to tackle all types of situations and give high-quality family protection at home and while traveling. They are highly trained professionals to act discretely.

Personal Security Protection during Transfer

We also provide secure transfer from hotel to airport or airport to hotel in Delhi NCR, we are will provide personal security guard during transfers at affordable rates.

If you require PSO for security, on-site security services contact us. Our on-site PSO or bodyguard will secure you smartly. The security services offered by us are for office, events, and industry.

In present day scenario, security guarding has become most important to safeguard your property, offices, shops and material at site. The improvement in economic condition of our country has opened doors of security guard industry and needed more and more efficient and potential security guards. At King Securitas Pvt. Ltd., guarding for us means “keeping you and your property safe”. Our well trained and experienced security guards dedicated to guard you and your property round the clock and this is a symbol of our trust and commitment toward guarding you. Our swell trained security guards are the “essence of protection”, with great conviction to protect clients who hired our security guard services in Delhi NCR. Our security services includes electronic protection, surveillance, vigilance, security guarding, monitoring, estate and individual guarding services through our Security Guards, Security Supervisors, Armed Security Guards and Lady Guards.

Well Trained Security Guards

Representing our hard work, our well trained security guards treat all clients politely and equally. Security Guards at King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. are physically and mentally healthy and dressed in tight discipline uniforms and have professional security guarding tactics. Our well trained security guards are hired by industrial units, banks, corporate houses, and export houses, Public Sector Undertakings, Information Technology companies.

Well Trained Lady Guards

In present days the power of women treated at par in all fields. Our well trained lady security guards are bold and sharp in conducting personal checks in malls and other public places with complete vigil.

Well Trained Armed Security Guards

Sometime client required armed security guard to protect stores, retail shops malls, banks cash delivery vans we take care of legal licenses and action as the circumstances required, armed personnel are well-equipped with professionally trained use of armaments in emergencies.

We are considered as one of the best security guard service provider company in Delhi NCR, the officers at King Securitas Pvt. Ltd. make sure that the best training is given under expert supervision to all security guards after hiring. Our security guards show highest conduct in their uniforms. They are well trained to give immediate assistance in case of emergency situations in Delhi NCR.

The security guard training includes teaching of knowledge on the usage of latest instruments and timely use. Household or residential security is also a part of our training modules. We also conducted physical drills on crowd control, to deal emergency situations and first aid sessions. Our armed security guards are trained under special training operations with techniques for handling arms. Armed security Guard bear license to hold and use such guns and tools in extreme situations.