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Where there is cleanliness there is the presence of god. This means housekeeping is very important - be it business place, commercial place or residential place - to create a healthy atmosphere that encourage the well-being of humans. But when we talk about business place or workplace, clean and hygienic environment is more important, it intensely effects productivity of your employees. As a manager or business owner you should concentrate on the core parts of your business activities like acquiring new customers or clients, managing employees, keeping business expenses in control, and increasing profitability

of business. Only few business owners and managers are aware of the what is the costs they are unknowingly paying for unclean work environment.

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Take for example of the expenditure on healthcare much impacting a company's bottom line. However, business managers and owners do not seem to be worried with employee health, illness/injury avoidance and reducing absenteeism and promoting a healthy workplace environment. If you are a manager or owner of a business in Delhi/NCR, professional housekeeping services by King Securitas Pvt. Ltd in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida will help you make the most of your workforce and human resources and improve the productivity of your business organization by providing a clean and healthy workplace atmosphere.

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As per the study of 400 managers and employees, the productivity of employees was naturally influenced by the workplace environment where they worked in. A healthy and tidy workplace atmosphere produced remarkable results in terms of employees' productivity. A 5% growth in productivity of employees was reported if there is clean and hygienic environment at workplace or business place. In some other studies, it was found that a clean and hygienic work place that has completely removed dust and foul odor from surface and environment, has both health and comfort benefits to the workers employed there. These two things play an important role in the productivity of employees.

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The impact of cleaning does not constrain to the walls of business places, but it has a compelling the impact on performance human force. It has been found in many other studies that proper cleaning can improve productivity of employees by 2 to 8%. All business establishment needs to guarantees clean and healthy environment at their premises. Also, cleaning and hygienic has an important impact on the performance of infrastructure and equipment. For example, if dust is there it may cause malfunctioning of equipment and they work poorly, eventually resulting in inferior quality products and services to clients and that may drive customers away. So be it hospital, residential apartments, Cineplex, schools, institutes or IT parks, it is very significant to them to pay adequate attention on the cleaning and sanitation at the workplace for better productivity. And you can make it clean and hygienic only by hiring high and good quality housekeeping services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad offered by King Securitas Pvt Ltd best janitorial professionals that are expert and highly experienced.

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To say in simple words, cleaning is an important job in the residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, schools or IT companies and this required to be executed well mannered to achieve a desired goal. The King Securitas Pvt Ltd is a renowned cleaning business service provider who has list of clients who hired us for clean workplace. We are one of the top cleaning services providers to businesses looking for the best housekeeping services in Delhi NCR at affordable prices.