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Security Guards

Security Guards

Security Services For Residential Neighborhoods &
Gated Societies In Delhi

Residential security Guard services are a specialty at King Securitas Pvt. Limited, New
. When our security Guard officers are placed on the job in a residential
neighborhood colonies and society, Security Guards are able to handle complete security
for the entire community in a gated society. From the entry gates of the housing society
to helping with emergencies, our security guard teams are trained to make certain that
the people in the community feel completely safe if security guards of King Securitas
Pvt. Limited, New Delhi
are around them.

Trained, equipped and certified security officers of King Securitas Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, will be on the security guard job 24 hours a day in the housing society to give everyone the knowledge that there is someone is keeping watch for them. All Security Guards at King Securitas Pvt. Limited, New Delhi are well uniformed to make our security presence known, and our security guards are dedicate to the safety of every person who lives in the neighborhood and housing Society in Delhi NCR.

Security Guards For Home & Office

To provide our clients with effective security cover, we offer experienced and proficient Security Guards. We have with us diligent recruiting agents who recruit the security guards only after they qualify all the tests which are meant to assess their physical and mental standards. The security guards recruited have the ability to handle emergencies and contingencies.

Private security guards have become increasingly important in our society, and the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Security guards protect their employer's investment, enforce rules and laws on the property, deter criminal activity or other problems, and many times they are the First Responders in emergency situations.

There are Three Things to Consider When Hiring Security Guards

What needs to be protected

The first step is to determine what needs to
be protected & what the guard's
responsibilities will include. Security guards
can be posted at static locations to control
entrances & check people entering & leaving
the property, control crowds, give directions,
accept/deliver packages, & discourage
misbehavior. Patrol guards inspect property
for surveillance & to protect against fire, theft,
vandalism, and illegal activity.

The level of protection desired

Security guards can be armed or unarmed, in uniform or plain clothes, posted on the
property or as required. Surveillance can be manual and or electronic CCTV viewing
distant and distributed locations. What is the level of security needed and what is the
budget required for achieving that level?

Who is going to do the protecting

When it comes to hiring security guards, it doesn't matter whether the guards are employed by an agency or hired directly by the end user; interviewing is essential in order to find the right person for the position. The advantages of using a security guard service is that the company is licensed, background checks have already been made, prescribed training has been completed, & the guard can be removed easily since he works for the agency.


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